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  • High Alkaline Cleaner 505

    High Alkaline Cleaner 505 Ultra concentrated high foaming liquid high alkaline cleaner is for any type of car wash. Contains a highly effective surfactant and solvent system for maximum cleaning...
  • Body Shampoo 260

    Body Shampoo 260 Ultra concentrated high foaming liquid detergent produces thick, rich lather with excellent lubricity and cleaning ability and a low pH for easy rinsing and neutralizing alkaline presoaks....
  • Foamy Presoak 235

    Foamy Presoak 235 Ultra concentrated high foaming liquid detergent designed for broad range of application in friction and self-serves car washes. Formulated with a bold & fresh scent and hard...
  • Low pH Presoak 205

    Ultra concentrated foaming low pH touchless cleaner, best used as part of two-step cleaning process in combination with Ultraflex® alkaline cleaners. Contains highly effective synergistic mixture of acids and surfactants for...
  • Ultra Presoak 224

    Ultra-concentrated high performance All-In-One liquid alkaline presoak for all types of car washes. UF224 was developed with unique surfactant matrix, organic builder, and powerful solvent for the best performance in...
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